Ananda Awakening Retreat

Join Treasure Milinovich in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona for a long weekend of Release, Renewal and Restoration

Ananda translates to Bliss; this weekend will awaken within you the experience of blissful love!  This is a time dedicated completely to you.  It is a time to release, renew & restore.  A time to see and be seen, a time to connect with others on a completely different energetic plane.  This is a time honored tradition of coming together in ceremony with like-hearted women and utilizing ancient healing techniques to clear out the old and welcome in a new way of thinking and being.  You are being called to awaken and see the truth of who you are...of who we all are.  This retreat is an opportunity to say YES to YOU.

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Beautiful Space to Release & Renew!

We will immerse ourselves in the healing energy of Divine Femininity sharing practice and ceremony to strengthen a deeper connection to the wisdom within.  We will spend this long weekend fully committed to cultivating stillness, silence, and sisterhood.  You will be surrounded by women all there to grow and expand.  The power of the healing circle cannot be understated and the opportunity to dive into self and community for an extended period of time is beyond powerful.  Throughout my own journey it was the times that I committed to myself for an extended period of retreat that provided tremendous influence on my own awakening path. 

Don't take my word for it...hear from the women on our last retreat

"So much love. This past weekend was pure magic and love. Grateful for this journey and your guidance Treasure Milinovich.

Thank you for walking us home."

"So magical.💫💫💫
I’m so thankful to have been a part of such a beautiful experience."

"The Ananda weekend that I attended with Treasure was transformational. The accommodations were perfect for our group activities and also enough space for alone time for journaling. The house was very welcoming and the beds were more comfortable than what I have at home. Treasure brought a chef on the trip to prepare healthy meals that were also delicious. Every detail of the weekend was planning with personal growth and love in mind.  I went into the weekend knowing it was exactly what I needed but not knowing what to expect, having never attended a healing retreat before.  I came away with a deeper understanding of my place in the universe and of myself. I experienced deep connection with the other women on the trip and have stayed in touch since our weekend together. Treasure is expert at leading the group and bringing out the best in each person in attendance.  I can’t recommend highly enough the Ananda Healing retreat. It’s truly magical!"

"Words could never express my gratitude to have been blessed with such a deeply life-changing experience.  The entire weekend was designed to strengthen our connection within ourselves and with each other. Upon arrival, I immediately felt completely cared for and comfortable in the serene location. The food was beyond delicious and prepared so lovingly. I’ve been craving it nonstop ever since I got home.

As a self-proclaimed introvert, I must admit the idea of being on a retreat with people I didn’t know was a bit unnerving at first. I almost always prefer solitude. Plus, my spiritual exploration was in its infancy, and still felt very private. Despite my initial reservations, I knew I didn’t want to feel lost anymore.  I certainly did not expect to have been surrounded by such beautiful, like-minded souls. That connection turned out to be one of my most precious take-aways from the entire weekend. The healing energy of the group was the catalyst I desperately needed to reach the next level in my spiritual journey. Any upward trajectory I had already been on was amplified exponentially through this magical experience. After a long weekend of healing spent with such loving & supportive women, I left feeling like I had found what I was looking for.

This experience goes beyond the absolute best gift I could have ever given myself; it continues to grow with each person I've encountered since. Even my most skeptical family members can’t help but notice the shift in me through our interactions - which just further validates my experience. I feel a connection to my inner wisdom, and a renewed motivation for life itself. I feel loved. I feel at peace. Thank you, Treasure. You are truly a vehicle for the Divine. This experience was exactly what I didn’t know I needed. I feel completely nourished: mind, body, and soul.

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A retreat is a beautiful gift to you.  This home is warm and welcoming and the food is delicious & prepared with love.   It is intentionally kept small ensuring an opportunity for a deeper connection with all.  Every detail has been thought through with your comfort and peace in mind.  This is an opportunity for you to completely Let Go and Be.  This is the opportunity that you have been seeking and the time is now for YOU.  Sometimes we simply need a gentle nudge for permission to put ourselves first.  Is this the nudge you have been hoping for in your life?   

3 Acres to Explore

Search within your own heart for the guidance you require and when you feel the YES step forward in faith for yourself.  No one can do this for you, it is these moments that raise you up beyond the mundane and introduce you to the mystical, magical, loving Universe.  I always have a beautiful sense of wonder as others step into their own yes and I have the opportunity to be the witness.  There is so much to be seen, felt and experienced in this world when you release attachments and belief systems that keep you trapped. It is through practice and dedicated times for spiritual discovery where you expand into new realms and are completely changed forever. 

I look forward to the opportunity to be your guide in this part of your journey.


Retreat Details


Next Retreat June 23-26, 2022 

Cost of the retreat includes all accommodations: food, lodging, yoga, ceremonies and

one on one time (if desired) with Treasure to assist in integrating your journey.

Day 1 - Thursday 5pm
Welcome and Release Ceremony


Days 2 & 3

We allow Spirit to guide us through these days with practices of yoga, meditation, and time and

space for being alone or in communion with others.  Evenings will be held for Sacred Ceremony.


Last Day - Departure 10am Sunday

Closing ceremony 

Accommodations Available - LAST DAY TO REGISTER 5/22/22































If you are in need of a payment plan let us know!  We want you there and are willing to work with you to make it happen :)  

Email treasure@thespaceaz.com


Private Queen with EnSuite
Single Occupancy $1555


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Private King Suite with Shared Bath (1 Available)
Single Occupancy $1555



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Private Queen Room with Shared Bathroom (1 Available)
Single Occupancy $1444


Bunk Room - This is a shared space with Full Size Bunk Beds (1 available)  $1111

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Screen Shot 2022-02-18 at 4.59.13 PM.png

Meditation Room

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Outdoor Yoga

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Indoor Hot Tub

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Fresh delicious food made with love!

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Surrounded by the Pines

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Space to Connect