Healing Assistance Program

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”  

The Space Wellness Center is committed to offering healing services to all who feel the call to dive deeper into their own capacity for wellness.  The Healing Assistance Program was created to assist those that may be experiencing a life-threatening illness.  In today's world most insurance will not cover alternative healing practices leaving those without resources to depend wholly on western medicine.  It is our belief that the marriage of ancient eastern healing practices with the advanced technologies of the west provide the greatest opportunity to heal the whole person.

Our goal is to make real healing accessible to all who feel called to take the journey.  If this work calls to you and you are in need of financial assistance we are here for YOU.  


Tell us your story so we have the ability to tailor a wellness program for your journey.



Interested in assisting those in need?  We are always looking for partners to assist in providing this important service.