Updated: Apr 22, 2021

When your strong its hard to let go. Holding on takes energy! Recently I had an accident with my finger and had to have surgery to repair it. As a result I got a finger trim, (a little humor to lighten things) Its scary being in uncharted territory! I know the universe is helping me in ways that will enlighten me, soon I pray!!

I allow myself to question the experience and I go over the choice I made and the consequence it created. I don’t want to see only a gnarled finger. I think of amazing people I admire who have been through much more than I, and live daily with physical challenges. I know I am okay or will be.

I was all set to go forward when this “thing” happened. I am here working with my deepest fears, strong emotions to allow myself to, not know, stay present and surrender to the how’s and when’s. There are no answers, no one has said or will tell you,  this is what you can expect during the healing process.

My mind tells me to see only wholeness, when I look at the injury I want to be sick. I think how profound it is that I am actually typing this with a fresh wound, yet I am compelled to shift my awareness to “move” the energy through writing and sharing.

I always thought I could get through life unscathed, I know now that is not living. Life is unpredictable.

The experiences from this past year have been surreal, things have come into my life I never dreamed would.

Put one foot in front of the other and remember, there is wisdom in the dark

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