A fond farewell to the year of the horse

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

The Chinese New year is almost upon us. The energy is shifting as we, collectively galloped through 2014 with vigor and energy, I have slowed to a trot and almost a standstill as I allow the year to “catch” me. I have to say it has been a rough transition, and I have been “allowing” my feelings to bubble up and out, (whew), to recycle it.  Anyone who understands the nature of the horse had the opportunity to put their skills into action. Horses empathic nature created a powerful mirror effect allowing one to use it as an offering and gift.

During difficult times throughout the year, just smelling my horse gave me the feeling of deep connection and healing. Her  strong physical presence helped me unlock the emotions I held inside. Being a strong person led me to hold on to what I felt, as I needed my courage for both Joe and I. Now it is time to create a portal and a ceremony to let it ‘fly” to the heavens to give appreciation and gratitude, and allow the power of the Earth Mother to transform it to its originality.

Being born in the year of the horse I feel a bit sad to say farewell, when she cycles back in 12 years I will be quite a bit older, and if it's God’s will, still on the Earth.  So many challenges are still catching up as I now have the opportunity to honor all the lessons the year brought. I know in my heart when the shift occurs I will be renewed and ready for the next phase of the journey.

Blessings of appreciation to all!!

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