A horse lesson

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Recently we had an incident where I stable my horse. When my friend and I arrived at 7:30 am for our Monday horse riding lesson, there was a lot of commotion, a Veterinary was in attendance and we saw the owner with her horse Chloe and it was obvious she was injured. We skipped the lesson to assist with stable duties as the other horses were patiently waiting for breakfast.  On a normal day the horses would be going crazy, and it was 2 hours past feeding time. Today they waited patiently. As a habit I  “tuned” into the feeling and as I did I felt tears spring to my eyes as I felt their compassion.  Although there are 7 or 8 boarders at our facility, horses do not see separation, to them they are a herd, a community and a family.

Chloe, the horse had a serious accident in the round pen, her leg caught in the upper portion of the fences gate, laying upside down on her back, three legs in the air, one caught. When in her stall, her best friend Nifty, is next to her. He called out to the house to alert the owner that something was wrong. It was clear his whinny was different than the usual, come feed me, alerting them to go check. They went into action calling on neighbors and friends who came to free her while the owner called a Vet. The horse was fortunate there was no break, although it has been a healing process for the past weeks.

Angel, Chloe’s owner always wanted a buckskin horse and rescued her from a cruel man who used to beat her to get her to cooperate. A while back Angel had confessed she had hatred for the man who mistreated her beautiful Chloe, and she had spent years working to help her overcome. She reminded me I had told her to let that go and move on from that, so Chloe could too which she said helped. Chloe is better than she was yet the stress in riding her was still evident. Angel patiently working through all the challenges.

So much of Chloe’s stress comes from expectation, her own and what was previously expected of her, something she was still living.

After a second Reiki treatment, I teased Chloe as I was giving her energy, “you created a situation where you could either surrender or fight, she chose to surrender”. From her past pain she could not perceive the love that was being given to her by her owner, as the “past” was always there, and she could only feel the pain and expectation of the previous conditions.  She told me that she called to her horse friend Nifty, help me, and that is when he whinnied for help.

As we stood there with Angel holding Chloe’s lead rope, she began to lick Angels hand, something she has never done, in addition to being calm and relaxed. I believe it is a gesture of gratitude and love, as she has opened her heart to a new way of being.

Chloe exposed herself, showing us a choice to stay or to move on. She has a chance to have a successful partnership with her owner, one based in respect and love.

When we heal the past, it gives us more energy for now, bringing our spirit into alignment with the present moment.

Standing there I could feel my beloved horse Savior, he stood by silently as I communicated to the owner. Savior who went home last November asking me to return to doing horse healing.

I am ready, I am.

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