Addiction, empathy and illusion

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

People who are empathic often have additions, as it is a way to hold down feelings, thoughts and emotions that are picked up from others. Today empathy is being acknowledged and we are learning to understand its affects and how to master it as a tool for healthful living.

Addiction stops time and stunts emotional growth. The real work begins when we let it go….and we must find a way to channel what we repressed when we began the journey. It takes time, perseverance and hard work to bring our bodies into balance.

Years ago I went to an AA meeting with a friend who was an alcoholic. I was in the back of a large auditorium filled with addicts. I looked over the crowd and saw who they were, light-workers, healers and empaths who struggled with their powers. I understood as I had held myself down for years through addiction. As a strong willed person I was able to move beyond it into the light of my true purpose.

After overcoming the physical aspect the real work began bringing my emotional body up to speed. Acquiring new tools and ways to channel what I repressed brought about a new understanding of my earlier confusion about my role in life.

Every person may have experienced addiction on some level. We can become addicted to anything, food, drugs, responses, situations, to one another. Helping others can be an addiction when it is a deterrent to looking within oneself.

Living with addiction can be likened to living outside yourself, neglecting basic needs, desires and dreams. It can also lead to a life of dependency, causing others to” take up the slack”. Addicts can be manipulative, giving others feelings of guilt if they don’t take care of them. The reverse is one becomes an enabler to an addict, a cycle that sometimes never breaks.

Additive behavior can come from loneliness, a fear of being misunderstood or different. Self-love helps us to create healthy boundaries and to live without the fear of judgment. It gives us permission to say no, and do what is in the highest good, which can be challenging after years of ignoring one's personal growth.

Every being has the capacity for light and dark, as this is the realm of polarity. It is scary business to face the darkness and the fear of the belief and emotional attachments that create illusion. The trick is, do not become any ONE thing, to allow experience to flow through, like steam.

I have written in many articles that separation is an illusion. In the early part of life I felt alone.  As I grew I realized  beliefs are what cause the feeling of disconnection and separateness. Coming into this Earthly body, we need to be separate to do our consciousness work, which can be challenging for many. Working with the heart alleviates the illusion of separateness. The divine lives within all beings and unites us to one another and to the heavens.

I  know what others feel from my perspective. I have suffered and I have shared suffering with others. After going through cancer with my husband  compassion led me to become a stronger empath, something I had feared as empathy caused me pain.

I now know empathy is the healer as it possesses the gifts of understanding, love, forgiveness and compassion. What started as addiction, leads us to wholeness.

Someone I love deeply is suffering from a life of addiction. I write this for him, so he will know he is not alone or separate from the love that we are made of and the love that unites us.

I am an empath, and this is my perspective and story.

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