Awakening your inner Shaman

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Tramanto Connects July Issue

healthy living article by Joey M. Joseph

People are awakening to their spiritual power and are seeking a path. Becoming a shaman is a calling; it is deep in the cells of the body and soul.  Shamans are often born out of their own suffering, as it is something that is birthed into existence.

Shamanism is a vast ancient body of knowledge, believing all life is inter-connected, and the Earth is alive with the power of healing. They are a bridge, an inter-mediator for the spirit plane.  The purpose is to develop relationships to heal themselves, the community and the world.

Shamans work through the relationship they develop with all living things. In shamanism all things have a signature power that can be used for good. They achieve trance states of consciousness to create rituals and ceremonies to retrieve healing solutions They work on all levels; body, mind, and spirit and emotion to restore balance.

A Shaman views energy through metaphors and symbols. The power to develop the qualifications is inherent in all of us. The first step is the desire and willingness to look beyond what the naked eye sees, through the invisible world that binds all life.

In indigenous culture one does not claim the title Shaman, it is awarded by others in respect of the healing received.The secret to spiritual connection is the partnerships we develop in all planes of existence. To be part of the collective voice, one takes a chance on letting go of the idea of “separateness”, trusting the work we do is a tandem act, proving the qualities of a Shaman.

Shamans spend their life giving voice and purpose to the partnership they developed, to bring healing to all living things and work in union with the creator of all life.

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