Beloved Melinda

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

We were a group of innovators and risk takers. Melinda, Carolyn and Rudy opened the Wings of Light spiritual center where we all shared our spiritual gifts. It was in the space we found our rhythm. I was blessed to facilitate drum circles where we all learned to work in community, share our energy and transcend the realms. Our eyes widened as we listened to the voices of Heavenly beings chanting, honoring us while we drummed in unity. Spirit animals also joined in and made their presence known. We were in awe of the connection we created through a shared purpose. It gave us confidence in knowing the strength of the connection we had and helped us develop our gifts and share them with the world.

Melinda went on to develop her gifts as a drummer, as she was a self-starter and entrepreneur and loved a challenge. I loaned her a CD on African rhythm and drum circles where she taught herself how to play and signed up to learn more. She was told it was a facilitator class and she needed to already know how. She spoke with conviction, I will keep up, and of course, she had the gift.  That is what I loved about her, she didn’t let anything stop her from living her passion. She chose this life, and she was going to live it!

I have known Melinda since the mid 1990’s.  We were friends, sisters,  confidants, mentor and teacher.  I am blessed to have passed to her Shamanic Reiki Master. We are both honored and grateful for what we shared together, and unconditional love for our spiritual work. Melinda possessed a strong feminine essence and power, allowing her to become a great leader and guide. She created and re-created her work, sharing in honesty her evolution and knowledge with the world.

This last year we had many conversations.  Since finding out of her cancer she bared it all, laying it all out on the table. She spoke truth and shared her amazing insights and wisdom, including her perception of the spirit of the horse, something she loved.

Before she made her transition her spirit told me not to be sad. She was ready for her journey and is so very grateful to everyone for the energy they sent, the prayers and healing thoughts, it let her know how she is loved and she is eternally grateful.  The love is all that is true and real in the world. Her message was clear, know you are loved beyond physical description,  as it cannot express the truth of the light we are made of!!

Blessings of Eternal Love…..

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