Breaking the fix

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Lately I feel anger when someone tells me what to do or gives unwarranted advice. It reflects in me the need to “fix”,  a deterrent to the ego’s need for a false sense of fulfillment. I  feel caught between my strong sense of knowing and my need to advise.

It’s a fine line between enabling and giving. I ask myself, would I want this advise? For me self-discovery gives me confidence and helps me fulfill goals and opens me to remember the answer is always within.

As a healer I have the awareness to seek balance in the role I play in a situation or relationship. I no longer want to “take care” of things that aren’t mine.

Staying focused on my reality is important to my throat chakra. I measure giving  against enabling someone with my help. The throat represents will, higher purpose, and commitment to the self. When I enable or fix, I am steering away from that purpose. I gave my throat a voice, it said “burdens are an illusion”. That struck me deeply and when I analyzed it I learned its truth! I began to sort out what did not belong, and make new boundaries, releasing the anger I felt, freeing up my energy to move forward.

It is easy to get “caught” up in someone, my awareness is a portal to step out gracefully. Success happens when we know “no” is a healthy response to breaking the energy of becoming or living someone’s “story”. When I leave things be, wisdom steps in to guide me, and opens the door to abundance and limitless supply of love to share.

As an empath I realize what I hear and feel is not about me, I am here to mirror, enlighten and serve. Acceptance helps me feel only love, not the drama of the story. I use empathy as a portal into compassion, deepening the ability to empathize.  After years of working on people my job is to stay “high” so they can find their way into the light.

As I bypass my ego, my heart guides me to focus my attention on wholeness and honor what is experienced and felt, holding space for what will be, all the while I know I healing myself, breaking free of the old, leading me into the light of new opportunity!

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