Chemo day!

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

It;s kinda surreal, being in the oncologist’s office sitting next to my husband, Joe as we wait for his chemo pump to be put in. It has been a long road to get here. We agreed it was right to share our experience, so here I am making it public. I kept chatting, to help keep our minds off what was happening.

As we arrive at 7:30am and are walking into the building Joe replied that he didn’t want to be there, wished he could skip it. Being his cheerleader, I charge forward and reply, “this is your time to receive and your doing a great job, we are going into the unknown with no frame of reference, its okay”!

Healing comes in many shapes and forms and until you are faced with a cancer diagnosis, you begin to see things in a new perspective.

I know what to do, trust the universe and make wise choices.

To me it is a gift, and inside that gift are many powerful things to learn, things we agreed to experience by choosing this life together. I couldn’t be more blessed for what we are being shown and the opportunities these experiences are giving us.

It’s funny, no matter how many vitamins you take, or miles you run, the body does what it does. We live life to the best  of our ability, and still cancer comes. The only thing we can do is stay present and meet each opportunity with trust and faith, and not go to the end, because we don’t know what that will look like. I don’t believe there is an end….

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