Counting the days!

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

I don’t think of Joe as sick, and when the word cancer comes up, I don’t believe he is that. I see him as I always have, even while I am taking care of his body, or exhausted from emotion. I still know we are not who we think we are. I have always believed that life is a map to the soul. The whole experience is a mirror of whatever the story is inside. Some days I think, why did I choose this story, or how did this story choose me? Things don’t happen to us, they are created for us. The story seems to be an illusion of something greater beneath it. The energy of what we do is cathartic, going for treatments and letting the energy flow through, out the other side.

Staying in the moment is very challenging. I cannot risk going forward, even for a moment.

Joe counts the days until the first part of treatment ends, which is very close, a matter of a few days. Despite side-effects being challenging, he is responding well.  I am grateful, he can let it go. I am proud of him for walking this road, and as hard as it “appears”, we are living each day as we always have.  I know things are an illusion, the body is a container for the soul, we are all one in spirit. I can’t be more enlightened than I am. I am where I am, I get angry, tired and frustrated. I don’t let it become me, I am passionate and emotional, no one can tell me to stop it, It isn’t possible for me to not feel everything so deeply.

We get to have a long healing period before the next step in his treatment  we are both looking forward to! We can recharge and boost him up for the next phase!

I included a link to my latest article, in Arizona Networking News, August/September issue.  I wrote this at the very start of it all. I titled it “Being present with cancer”. Due to publishing standards I am not allowed to share until it is published. Thank you for taking the time to share with us, I am deeply honored, incredibly lucky and very blessed!

Being present with cancer

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