feeling the love

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

There is so much that has happened since discovering Joe’s health issue. One thing I know is that I felt loved, supported and guided throughout this process, even more now that I have gone public.  Staying focused on the moment and setting my intention for all things to go smoothly gave us a strong foundation. Each step I reminded Joe to trust what was before us. Easier said than done. It has become a practice to train the mind to surrender and to stay focused on what is happening that moment.

I have been to more doctors and hospitals in the past 2 months than in my lifetime. My medicine of choice has been the “natural” road. Although it isn’t easy with my healing back round and knowledge, and being the “motherly” type, I continually want to help and make things “better”.,  I have always supported Joe’s  medical choices, its his path not mine. Chemo and radiation are the salvation, as God is in all medicine.

In waiting rooms you experience so many things. During one procedure waiting for Joe I looked around at all the people waiting for a loved one.  It seemed easy to pray for all of us, as you become a family to anyone in a situation such as this.

When this started in May, there were many things that had to be considered before we could begin treatment. For the first time I knew I was and never have been alone, I felt  deeply connected to the loving guidance that has always been part of me. I knew it was all taken care of and all I had to do was be there. I am in the business of healing and service and now I had to be brave enough to share something very private and sacred to me, and be willing to open my heart to receive.  It is never easy to ask for help and this blog is one way for me to share my journey and take a chance on letting more people in. I have prayed to be able to share the powerful experiences I have had on my spiritual path, with angels, guides and messengers of the universe. What is happening now in my life is my way of translating all the information relayed to me, and applying it to life and sharing it with you.

Thank you doesn’t seem enough, my heart is full and Joe and I feel the love, and compassion and the outpourings from all of you, We are blessed and grateful!

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