Giving thanks for the harvest!

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

As the Autumn equinox approaches my thoughts begin to change with the season. As I look forward, I feel the anticipation of what could be.  I want to look inside myself and discover the knowing of all things possible. Dreams change as we accept the circumstance of daily living. Right now my thoughts are around gratitude for my life and Joe’s.   I feel emphatically the underlying emotion of the “idea” of what will be.

As I tune into the upcoming seasonal change I know it is time to open up and give thanks for the bounty of the summer harvest, in addition to finding balance between activities.  Balance is something I work at, and my way of creating it is to use an altar as a portal to form an alliance with nature and heavenly spirits.

As I purchase my harvest at the grocery store, I choose to buy things that symbolically represent the fruits of my labor, which began when I planted my seeds back in the spring. I say this with love in my heart, what I planted surpassed my expectations, as I am so blessed with bounty in all aspects of life. Joe and I have experienced the bounty of caring people and medicine to heal us.The love and support and kindness from all of you, universal love, compassion, mercy and grace. For prayers answered and energy given and received. For all of you staying in close contact, offering to assist in any way. I am filled with gratitude for all that I have, and all that I am.

Rituals like these feel so comfortable for me, praying before an altar is my way of feeling my connection to all things and reverence for all the gifts I am given.  I bow my head in gratitude and sacredness for the love that I am made of, and the love that we share.

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