horses as healers

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Tramanto Connects

August Issue 2018

Horses changed me. My husband and I purchased our first horse when we moved here in 2005. It was not a planned purchase, and as we trailered the horse to his new home with the help of a friend, he asked me what I wanted to call him. I knew instantly and exclaimed, his name is Savior and we are saving each other!

I had limited experience with these majestic creatures. I began to grow and my horse helped me set new boundaries through the behavior he exhibited. He was a rescue horse and I used my healing skills to help him. I developed a horse healing program for people, allowing them to heal themselves and their horses.

Creating a bond with a horse is like looking in a mirror; you can keep it or surrender it, your choice. A horse helps you to be cognizant of thoughts and emotions as horses pick up and often react to emotions, thoughts and fears. They will act it out for you.

I believe if we are open and ego-less we allow horses to help us understand what’s inside, creating a shift within. What we learn on the back of a horse or by being in their presence, carry’s over into daily living.

In native teaching, horses represent power and balance. Before getting on the back of my horse I check myself, empty my mind, relax, feel connected to the earth, trust what I know and breathe.

New values in respect and cooperation emerged and I learned to access my power to lead, helping me to trust myself in the handling and riding of a horse as I learn to work unified.

Healthy living is a choice we make daily, and choosing to be with a horse is both rewarding and challenging. They are as fragile as they are powerful and generous beyond measure.

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