Messages from the Rainbow Angels

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Dear Earth Family!!

I would like to share with you something that started when I moved to Phoenix in 2005. I was very troubled and going through a life changing transition. I deeply acknowledge the pre-destination of my journey, although knowing this not change the things I experienced. It was as if I was living in more than one realm, the higher part of me was in Heaven looking down, while my physical self and consciousness lay in the dredges of growth and change. I hung on to what was familiar, even though I began to slip into the unknown.

As I struggled for salvation from my emotional pain, I knew I had to journal my heavy thoughts and feeling. I had to get it out of me if I was to survive.

I have had communication from the spirit realms for many years as my spiritual work relates to working in tandem with heavenly beings. On occasion I had  received messages from a group of angels called the Angels of the Rainbow of the Light or they refer to themselves as the Rainbow Angels.

As I finished my first entry I took a deep breathe as I felt a presence with me. I waited and typed the words that came into my mind. At the end of the message they communicated,

“We the angels of the rainbow of the light salute you; we breathe you, we are you! Namaste child, you are loved and supported by a hierarchy that has only love at their center and a higher purpose of being. You are united with us; go forward in the knowledge and faith that you are not alone.

Every time I wrote in my journal, they were with me, there counsel was my saving grace. They gave me hope, and unconditional ear, compassion, understanding. They dialogued with me as if we were sitting in the same room, chatting about what to do and how to go forward. There was a silent understanding my venting was a portal for self-healing.  Often I went over and over things, as they waited for it to run out, and they would share their higher wisdom and guidance.

They communicated this powerful message to alleviate doubt:

“Every moment is truth. There is a divinity within, an intelligence that must accept the terms of your  heart and honor your own brand of spirituality. It is individual. Integration is achieved through trusting the soul and living your highest ideal, even when it is contrary. You must not allow the contrary to divide your from your truth.

Be centered in your heart and release the doubt that causes your duality. Move into the light that shines brightly within. Your truth is strong within, so is your love and compassion. Never give up the self, the self that is the light of your soul. Child you are centered in that truth. Trust the love.”

I am honored to walk with you, rainbow light angels, what a gift you are in my life, I would never have been able to do this without all of you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

“We are your brethren, and we give thanks to Great Spirit for all that we are and all that we have!”

In 10 years my growth has been tremendous. The profound wisdom they shared guided me to define my spirituality and find peace in who I am and let go of my feelings of alienation.  It is growth on all levels, they gave me the understanding of how to embrace my personality traits that serve a purpose for this Earth walk. They are the lessons of my soul and part of accepting the whole self, which leads one to knowing  wholeness.

I began to laugh again and gave myself permission to be happy. As I age I am letting go of the worry of what others may think about the reality I live in. I am strong and brave and now it is time to share with you, as it may open a door and help you know you are not alone. Everyone is on their own journey, and separateness is a container to be used to define your unique perceptions, it does not mean you are alone!

I encourage you to write to these or any angels, as they are waiting for you!!

“Believe in yourself, trust in your innate power within and have faith in the divine plan that unites all  life.”

“We the angels of the rainbow of the light are your fortress, strength, love and joy! Never let another being have power over what you know to be true of you. Be faithful and know heaven supports and loves you.”

I deeply appreciate you all!!

*(the angels responses and messages are italicized)

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