Savior the horse; the misunderstood message

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Since Joe and I are on a healing break; I have time to devote to my work, I wanted to share this with you, as it is directly related to Joe’s health. Horses continue to amaze me, with their healing power and messages of wisdom. After years of working with Reiki and purchasing our first horse in 2005, I began to receive communications from animals. I tested out what I received from them and was given validation. I figured why not? I have learned so much about healing, it seemed natural to transfer that knowledge to horses, which led me to develop the educational program, Reiki for Horse & Owner.

This is an expert from my Reiki for Horse & Owner Manual. My intention is to implement and deepen the communication with all living things. Telepathy is inherent in all beings, and is a gift we develop through practice and trust.

Savior the horse; the misunderstood message

I was grooming my horse, Savior, in his stall in July, 2014. It had been a rough year for him, and for my husband Joe and me.  I was singing to him a mantra I learned, and enjoying his company when something came into my consciousness.  I felt startled at the realization of the knowledge imparted to me.

I kept thinking, oh my, I didn’t realize what I was being told earlier in the year! Back in March I glanced over at Savior and immediately heard the word, cancer in my mind. I looked at his sheath as it was slightly swollen, something I had been addressing, and been unsuccessful in determining the cause. Being preoccupied I let the information go. We had a Veterinarian examine him, and learned he had contracted Bots,( parasites) in his urethra.  I asked Joe if he thought there was any credence to the information I received and he said he thought things were okay.

At the same time Joe had been suffering with physical symptoms, and had not as yet been treated by a physician. He was resisting going, and we were both feeling the stress of the severity of what he was experiencing.  In May, Joe went for tests and was diagnosed with rectal and kidney cancer and began treatment in July.

I realized in that moment Savior was telling me about Joe’s cancer! I felt a twinge of guilt and I thought, would or could it have made a difference having that information?

At that moment I knew  this was my husband’s journey; I was powerless to do anything. It had already been determined and my job was to use my experience to assist him in whatever way was needed.  I had not connected the information with my husband’s condition.  I have received many messages from horses, and I know they can lead you to people who need healing, as horses can detect glitches in the energy field.

Stress can cover you up and keep you from living in the moment.  When I work on a horse I feel they are giving to me as much as I give to them. They offer themselves in service to teach us. I love how they draw you into the moment and help you release trapped emotion.  Horses have showed me compassion and a deeper understanding of communication.

I have always tried to prevent things from happening, horses example is, we are not the body, the spirit within is the only truth, and we can handle anything that comes into our reality through acceptance, faith and trust in the universal power that unties all life.

When I met Savior in 2005 and my husband asked me what i would call him, instantly the name Savior came out. I knew in that moment he was saving me, we were saving each other!

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