The next step

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

After a long year of healing and recovery I am busy “filling” myself up!  It is hard to “know” what steps to take next, when all your attention has been focused on caring for someone. At  times I felt as if I lost some part of myself, and quickly realized I am always me, and the only thing that changed was my focus. All my energy went to the tasks at hand, a blessing I had accumulated over time and experience.

I knew I wasn’t alone, although I felt a loneliness, a sense that the reality I was in was not something I could explain or ask help for. It was a deep experience of faith and trust and acknowledging the “presence” of a profound sense of connection.

The energy available to me felt like heaven coming to Earth, a sacred space held  to allow us to surrender to a deeper experience, without reserve.  All the years of holding space for others in my healing practice, came rushing in! It is an experience of receiving and letting the energy flow through. A gift from the healing universe and a testament to the truth of my “beingness”.

Today Joe and I are on the other side. There are many lifestyle changes, and adjustments. It has not been easy, and we take it a step at a time. We are blessed with courage and the strength of our united spirits. The will to go on seems to be the key. I am not a person who gives up.  “I will prevail” is my mantra and with Joe’s Leo personality and the lion his mascot, he was born with courage and strength. Bearing witness to this man surrendering himself, is a gift and an honor for me and you experience  what your marriage is made of.

We come to this realm to have experiences, how you meet those challenges can determine the length of time you spend in that lesson. It can be easy to slip and slide through the thoughts and fears that arise. I wouldn’t allow us to look ahead, as the mind is a powerful tool.

I don’t believe in endings. There is only the next opportunity to learn and grow. I am always thirsty to learn and leave behind the old. We aren’t meant  to hold on the anything in life, when we do it causes suffering, everything is temporary and on its way somewhere.

I have a new appreciation for everything that life offers. I treasure the moment and people and life and I know I learned to love more deeply and forgive more quickly. Everything brings my emotions to the surface, and I welcome them!

I breathe in and I feel the connection to all life, my ancestors, healing spirit guides and guardian angels, I am so grateful for the love and compassion, the  constant guidance, wisdom and  faith. Joe and I thank you for your prayers, support, healing energy and unconditional love.

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