Ananda Awakening Intensive

Join Treasure Milinovich for 12 weeks of self-love, healing, ceremony, connection, & attunement.

Ananda translates to Bliss; this program will awaken within you the experience of blissful love; it is a time to be drawn into release and surrendered trust.  It is a time for you.  It is a time to finally release old stories that have held you bound, a time to truly see and be seen, a time to connect with others on a completely different energetic plane.  This is a time honored tradition of coming together in ceremony with others and utilizing ancient healing techniques to clear out the old and welcome in a new way of thinking and being.  You are being called to awaken the healer within and see the truth of who you are...of who we all are.  This program is an opportunity to say YES to YOU.

In Treasure's own journey of awakening the healer within, it became apparent that even though she was technically attuned to be a Reiki Healer the real power was unlocked through her own healing and continued personal practice.  There are an abundance of Reiki Healers, however true mastery in healing can only be attained through your own personal work and your commitment to awakening.  It is in this spirit that the Ananda Awakening Intensive was born.  Yes, you can be attuned in a weekend or even online and you can have a certificate that says you are a Reiki Healer; however you can only fully realize your own power through your own practice and your own healing.  Through this 12 week program it is this practice that will continue to be encouraged to awaken a deeper truth that can only be uncovered within.  Only you can do this work, no one can do it for you and no one can turn it on for you.  It is a personal journey and the work is real, raw and can be difficult.  If you feel called to embark upon this journey you are embarking upon the most important work you will ever do...the work of YOU.  Every time that one of us says YES to our own journey of healing we are saying YES to humanity,

This 12 week program utilizes powerful energetic transmission and release through deep meditative states, reiki attunements, divinely guided connections, small group healings and ongoing support & love.  Treasure will work as an energetic partner in holding space through this powerful program, allowing you the opportunity to expand and heal in an intimate, safe space calling you to be fully authentic.  We will come together in 4 full day ceremonial healing, attunement circles over the course of 12 weeks.  

As a Reiki Master Treasure holds the keys to Reiki Attunement and in this unique offering combines the power of healing with the power of attunement.  Reiki is an ancient energy healing system that is based on the simple principle that we are all guided by a life force that influences our mind, our body, and the everyday flow of our life.  In this program the traditional attunement of the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage of Reiki 1 & 2 will be utilized, the powerful symbols used to unlock the flow and awareness of Reiki for you. The goal of all healing work should be to awaken your own innate knowing and abilities.  The goal of this program is to assist you in sensing that power within and either finally uncovering full awareness OR if you are new to this work opening a new portal of understanding and knowledge within yourself that you can take with you as you continue the unlocking of true knowledge.

It is only through the healing of self that one can fully experience the power of Universal Life Force Energy within the palms of your own hands.  Uncovering the ability to place your own hands on your heart and feel the truth of energy will forever change you!  To then place your hands upon another and assist in their own transformative healing elevates you in a way that could never be captured with words. 


You can expect an intensive personal and collective healing experience and energetic transmission over the course of our 12 weeks together.  In addition to our in-person ceremonial circles, you will receive weekly online training in the teachings and disciplines for the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage of Reiki 1 & 2 and Mindfulness Meditation.  These online trainings can be studied and completed at your own pace.  

What is the Reiki Attunement?


In the Reiki I First Degree Attunement you will step into your own ability as a conduit of energy for self-healing.  Becoming attuned in Reiki I will help you move through any heavy and stuck feelings that you may be experiencing on your own.  It will allow you to discover new potential within yourself and tap more deeply into your intuitive awareness.  It will allow you to live in alignment with your best self.


You will receive 4 Usui Reiki attunements.  This process will open the chakras and promote an emotional and physical cleansing which is particularly beneficial for self-healing.  With just one Reiki attunement, the healer becomes an instant channel for universal life force energy.  With daily practice you will continue to strengthen your knowledge about what is possible with Reiki healing.  In truth the receiver of the attunement does not receive anything new.  The attunement simply opens and aligns what is already there, just like plugging in a table lamp in a house that is already wired for electricity.  



In Reiki II the energy system is fine-tuned by the use of symbols which result in an amplification of the energy you channel. It is in Reiki II that the student will learn the 3 symbols – power, distance and mental/emotional. It is by the use of these symbols the student learns the skill of being able to focus healing on mental and emotional problems, together with distant healing of those not physically present.


In Reiki II you are able to manifest what you desire in life at a faster pace. Reiki energy will flow at a stronger and higher vibration. Your Reiki awareness will continue to expand with your experience and progress. You will have the use of three powerful symbols to use on others and yourself. You will continue to grow your intuition and psychic abilities.

Next Program Starting January 2023

      Ceremony & Attunement Gatherings

       - 1st In- Person Session Saturday, January 21st 

       - 2nd In-Person Session Saturday, February 18th

       - 3rd In-Person Session Saturday, March 18th

       - 4th In-Person Session Saturday, April 15th

***Online training will begin prior to our first gathering in preparation for our time together. 

Program includes all of the in-person gatherings, online training, certifications for Usui Reiki Attunements 1 & 2 & ongoing support from Treasure.  Have questions?  Email treasure@thespaceaz.com


2 Payment Options:

Payment in Full $999

Payment Plan - 4 Payments of $249.75 



"I am honored and grateful to have been apart of the Ananda Reiki Attunement with Treasure.  Her honesty and transparency in sharing the path she walks set the stage for transformation on a deep level.  I experienced profound release and a deeper understanding of what stood in the way of my greater good.  In a ceremonial way she held the intention to honor each person to experience the transfer of Reiki.  Treasure allowed the power of the feminine to nurture and guide us to new awarenesses.  As a Reiki master myself I experienced the freedom of becoming and living more fully present."

"I have been offered many  opportunities to investigate Reiki further however no program has ever felt right (a weekend to transcend and heal just didn't seem like enough to me).  I'm filled with gratitude that this opportunity presented itself to me!  It was so much more than I had hoped it would be.  I went into the program with an open mind and having done no research and I'm so glad I did!  Learning about the foundations, the daily practices, the long term goals and possibilities; awakening indeed.  While I don't plan on offering these services myself, I have enjoyed using them at home and am in AWE over how much my anxiety has lessened and when it arises I am able to stay in my body and address it.

Treasure is an ethical, passionate, unique teacher/mentor who remains humble despite being such a gift.  I cannot recommend this program enough!"

"Ananda training was an amazing experience!  Thank you Treasure for your integrity, knowledge and spiritual guidance.  Your passion and dedication is beyond words.  I couldn't be more grateful to have found such an intuitive, powerful healer and Master/Teacher.  You are so inspiring and I look forward to future courses with you."

"The Space provides a loving atmosphere to connect to your Spirit and fellowship with truly amazing people.  The reiki attunement led by Treasure was a one of a kind experience to tap into my own personal power.  I left with the confidence to trust my intuition and knowledge to put it into action.  I am so grateful to have this community."